It’s hard to find practical resources for business analysis. This is why we came up with a range of training and resources to allow you to learn quickly.

A Navigator to Business Analysis

Boost your BA skills with this book. It will provide you with a framework for business analysis and requirements management, AND you will also learn new techniques which will build up your value as a BA. Not only that, the book will also explain the essentials of enterprise architecture, project management, service management, security management, compliance & regulation, and SDLC - indispensable subjects for a pro.

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It captures the essence of business analysis from a practical, real world viewpoint. It will be of tremendous value for both my team of Business Analysts at work and my Business Analysis students at the University of Winnipeg. - Michael Antonio, Lecturer (about the previous edition)

Communication for BAs self-paced course

Stakeholders, PMs and executives can be difficult to deal with it. Learn how to get results out of them & get in their good books at the same time.

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You have provided a lot of insight into a lot of queries I have. Thanks for all the great advice. - Charles Verissimo, Senior Business Analyst

Business Analysis Illustrated

See the business processes you’re involved in yourself or help to transform. This collection of charts works great as an overview or a reference that you can put up on your wall!

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I’m really impressed with the work you (and your team) have done to graphically represent the business analysis process. - Arnel Agbulos, Business Analyst/Project Lead

Business Analysis Template Kit

Produce better documentation with this set of quality BA document templates. Give yourself a head start and focus on the content rather than the layout.

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I am starting out in Business Analysis and I can see already how useful these are going to be for me! The products are well worth the money and then some :-) - Jennifer Sharp