This article introduces a summary chart for business process mapping. The chart shows both a brief and a full format for process mapping.

One of our readers asked us for a business process mapping chart, so here it is.

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The process map consists of two parts:

  • a chart showing business functions, business processes they include, and
    possibly sub-processes of those business processes
  • a list of business processes showing their sub-processes and their dependencies.

The process map is typically created in either a brief or a full format.

The brief format includes a chart of business functions and processes followed by a list of subprocesses and their dependencies for each business process.

The full format process map adds more detail. The chart includes sub-processes in this case, and the business process list is expanded with detailed information about every sub-process:

  • business requirements
  • activities in sub-process
  • input data: source
  • input data: key attributes
  • business rules
  • data transformation (processing)
  • output data: destination
  • output data: key attributes
  • exceptions
  • user role
  • triggers
  • business process automation

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