It’s hard to get stakeholders to do their part.

Some people don’t see your value or see you as a distraction from their jobs. Others think your job is only to write their ideas down. Your PM makes unreasonable demands all the time. Executives don’t seem to follow your presentations very well.

However, you need to find ways of working with all these people towards successful project completion. And do it while juggling projects and meeting deadlines of course.

What if you had better ways of dealing with stakeholders?

Imagine having effective techniques to engage people so that they actively contribute and work with you. Imagine being able to get the PM and executives on your side with ease.

Imagine that business users were actually asking to work with you and not other BAs because they see the value you bring.

Become a better communicator with the Visual Communication for BAs course.

Take this self-study course and learn more effective communication techniques. You’ll improve various aspects of your communication:

  • engaging people in your projects so they actually help you succeed
  • running effective workshops
  • negotiating reasonable deadlines
  • delivering presentations that will get executive buy-in
  • gathering requirements in an efficient way

You’ll come out of it a supercharged BA.

You will get tons of proven techniques.

Check out the free sample: download sample PDF.

Module 1

Overview of the core communication techniques Asking questions that produce useful answers. Writing documents that get read. Listening to capture important information. Observing users to get a fuller picture.

Handling deadlines What to negotiate to meet the deadline. What to negotiate so the deadline can be pushed back or missed without adverse effect on you. Involving the PM in managing deadlines.

Creating presentations for executives What to include and what to exclude. How to make sure that your message gets through. How to format the presentation.

Module 2

Making the most of visual communication The benefits of visual communication. The approach to incorporating visual aids into your communication. The process for creating an effective diagram. Do’s and don’t’s of visual aids.

Module 3

Running effective workshops Planning a workshop. Managing group dynamics. Engaging all participants. Supporting collaboration during the workshop. Keeping the discussion on topic.

Module 4

Communication in different situations Requirements lifecycle - peer review & handling multiple stakeholders. Prioritising requirements. Managing uncertainty. Handling a project inherited from someone else.

Engaging stakeholders Establishing a productive relationship. Matching language to the audience. Engaging different personality types. Structuring communication to maintain engagement when many stakeholders are involved. Getting buy-in from the business stakeholders.

It’s practical and convenient.

All the content is based on practical experience, battle tested and proven to produce results.

You’ll get all the materials at once, so you’ll be able to study when it suits your schedule. Possibly the hardest part of any course you take, even a highly practical one like this, is applying what you’ve learned. Because of this, each of the modules includes assignments to give you a springboard for putting things you’ve learned into use.

Once you start applying the course to your work, you might find that some things don’t work quite as you expected, or you need clarification. That’s why, as part of this course, you can email me up to 10 questions within a month of purchase, and I’ll do my best to give you personalised advice for your situation. It’s a great way to get answers about real life situations.

Learn new communication techniques today!

If you take a course like this in person, it can easily cost you up to $1000 - per day. Providing the materials online allows me to make it much more affordable for you.

Become a better communicator ➡with just a $49 investment

For the price of a dinner for two, you can improve your skills, make your job easier, and provide more value to your employer.

Even so, it may seem like a risk. This is why I offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. If you feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth, I’ll refund you. I take all the risk, so you don’t need to worry.

What customers say…

I am enjoying this course. I facilitated a requirements workshop for one of our project teams. The information I learned with my experience helped the workshop to run smooth. I would recommend the workshop with the exercises without hesitation.
The workbook exercises were easy to follow. I used this to prepare a presentation to my sponsor and major stakeholders. The presentation was very successful. Your workbook helped me not to forget any of the main points I needed to share. - Peggy Ruscitti, PMP, Senior Trainer

I found the information in the module very interesting and it made me stop and think. - Deborah Wells, Head of Business Analysis

You have provided a lot of insight into a lot of queries I have. Thanks for all the great advice. - Charles Verissimo, Senior Business Analyst

Start improving your communication skills now!

Become a better communicator ➡with just a $49 investment

P.S. Remember, I offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, so there’s no risk to you. If you feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth, I’ll refund you.

About the author

Hi, I’m Sergey L. Korban, a business analysis practitioner and mentor with over 33 years of field experience.

My experience covers public and private companies in industries such as computer hardware distribution, software retail, automotive (a car dealership chain), ERP systems (business consulting and software development), mobile solutions and utilities.

The projects I have worked on spanned many different areas (compliance, process improvement, business transformation, technology replacement and upgrades, software implementation to name a few).

I live in Wellington, the beautiful and windy capital of New Zealand. I work in the energy sector, delivering compliance, business and technology projects following modern BA, PM, ITIL and Agile methodologies.

I am certified in PRINCE2, ITIL and Agile. I contribute to the BA community through the Aotea Studios blog and many articles illustrating different aspects of business analysis and project management.

I hope that you will get a lot of value out of my book!