My new book, “A Navigator to Business Analysis”, is now available.

I had four goals when writing the book:

  • illustrated presentation of materials
  • wide coverage of topics supporting BAs in their job
  • proven tips and tricks accumulated over many years of practicing business analysis
  • providing handy tools which can be applied straight after reading.

I’m really excited to share my knowledge with you, and I hope that after reading the book you will come away with a deeper understanding of business analysis and a lot of techniques which will make you more effective and productive.

Bonus: Building up your value

The book consists of three parts. When you buy the book, in addition to Part 1 and Part 2 which describe business analysis as well as aspects of other disciplines essential to a business analyst, you will also get a BONUS Part 3.

Part 3 is all about building your value - which helps you advance your career.

I am sure that we can all agree that the business analysis profession is getting more and more recognition amongst businesses. It means that demand for good business analysts is growing. It also means that more people are attracted to the profession and the place is becoming somewhat crowded.

So how can you stand out from the crowd and be in demand?

When you read an ad about a business analyst position, you see that certain domain knowledge, and hard and soft skills are required from a candidate. A unique blend of your skills and experience is what makes your CV noticeable in a pile of other CVs.

How can you create that unique blend? What are the key components? Part 3 of the book is focused on answering these questions. Here is the list of sections in it:

Values System  
Focus on Growth  
Learning Business Domain  
Failures – Lessons Learned 
Keeping Up to Date  
Building Productive Relationships  
Managing Communications  
Behavioral Models  
Requirements: Discovery Patterns  
Requirements: Patterns  
Poor Requirements: Impact  
Change Management  
Risk Management  
Issues Management  
Functional Business Model  
User Experience  

Please check the book page to read a free excerpt from “A Navigator Into Business Analysis”.