Visual Communication for BAs

Do you wish it didn’t take so long to elicit requirements? Do you think you spend too many hours getting business users to identify business problems, confirm gathered requirements and provide feedback on the proposed solution options?

Do you and the stakeholders sometimes walk away from meetings frustrated about the lack of progress?

Do you wish you had more effective means of communication?

Imagine that you had an approach to communication which allowed you to gather requirements faster and make stakeholders happier. Imagine that you could get feedback immediately. Imagine that you could spend more time working on things that matter.

You can do it with our quick and easy visual communication guide for BAs. The approach you will learn has proven to be successful over several years. We receive a lot of positive feedback about it, and that’s what prompted us to formalise it and share it with you.

You’ll be up to speed and able to apply visual communication in your work in no time!

Why visual communication?

Let’s face it, who wants to read long documents and then meticulously write down their feedback? People are busy with their jobs, and they want a quicker and easier way to communicate.

The approach you will learn is based in large part on the use of visual aids.

This is because visual communication provides a lot of benefits for a BA:

  • A higher success rate in communicating complex concepts
  • Reducing the barriers to understanding
  • Spending less time on delivering the message
  • More satisfied stakeholders
  • Getting more valuable feedback faster

To sum up, visuals are a great help in communicating with most people. As a result of better communication, you become more productive.

Here is what you get…

  • A process to guide you in creating visual aids
  • Example scenarios showing how visual aids can be used for BA tasks
  • A list of best practices
  • Microsoft Visio stencil to provide you with a useful set of symbols for your diagrams

You get the guide in PDF format, nicely laid out for on-screen reading and printing. The Microsoft Visio stencil can be used in Visio 2003, 2007 and 2010.

➡ Download sample scenario

Table of contents:

Introduction                 1
Approach                     4
Process                      6
Scenario walkthrough        15
  Scenario 1                16
  Scenario 2                17
  Scenario 3                19
  Scenario 4                21
  Scenario 5                23
  Scenario 6                25
  Scenario 7                27
  Scenario 8                29
Best practices - do's       30
Best practices - don't's    32
Summary                     33
Using the stencil           34

This guide is perfect for you if:

  • You want to be more productive
  • You want to add visuals to your communication
  • You want to improve your diagram making skills

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