Business Analysis Kickstart

Whether you are just starting out or already have years of experience in the business analysis field, completing BA tasks successfully project after project is a difficult job.

Am I following best practices? Have I covered everything to make this project a success? How can I avoid getting bogged down by my tasks? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself dozens of questions like these.

But with looming deadlines, legacy systems, undocumented processes, busy and distracted stakeholders, it’s hard to find time to work on your skills.

It’s especially true when your options consist of long books with an academic bent, and expensive training courses.

You have another option now…

Imagine if there was a guide to business analysis which was laser-focused on giving you practical advice and heaps of visual summaries, making it easy to understand and absorb complex concepts quickly.

You can learn quickly with this guide.

We have condensed a dozen books, countless articles and years of practical experience into just 95 concise pages which will save you a lot of reading.

Kickstart is full of useful tips on communication with business users, obtaining information by observing users’ activities, documenting the results of analysis, getting your point across with visual aids, and more.

I loved Kickstart for its concise visual breakdown of the typical BA processes. I am definitely a multi-channel, visual learner and can only consume so much BABOK text before the message gets lost.

Your diagrams really highlight the power of synthesizing information down into a visual model that represents multiple levels of information (system components, workflow, milestones, participants, context etc).

- Ed Garabedian, Business Analyst, Johnson & Wales University, USA

Sample pages:

BA Basics: Listen

BA Planning & Monitoring

Risk Management

BA Critical Path: Design

BA Planning & Monitoring Techniques

The change management chart from this guide is featured in Project Management for Healthcare, a book by David Shirley (p. 110).

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Comprehensive material.

We provide you with a framework for business analysis and requirements management and also show you the steps involved in each stage of business analysis:

  • enterprise analysis
  • BA planning and monitoring
  • requirements elicitation
  • requirements analysis
  • solution assessment and validation
  • requirements management and communication

We cover all the areas from the BABOK® Guide. The guide includes a reference of techniques used in each of these stages too.

In addition, we introduce the concept of “business analysis critical path” by analogy with project management, where we show what documents a BA uses and produces to make a project successful.

More than just business analysis…

To be successful as a BA, you need to understand more than just analysis, and that’s why we’ve also included sections on:

  • project management
  • stakeholder engagement
  • change management
  • risk management
  • issue management
  • business process modelling
  • ITIL
  • software development lifecycle
  • business rules
  • enterprise architecture

In these sections, we give you carefully extracted knowledge about all these areas which is relevant to business analysts. How many books would you have to read to find it all out yourself? We’d like to save you all that time and expense!

As a senior business analyst, I loved it, as it is a perfect reference manual and a great refresher. I intend to hold on to this document for a long time to come!

I read the document in one go yesterday and at the end of the day felt successful, as you and Sergey were able to refresh my knowledge.

- Jehangir Rizvi, Senior Business Analyst, Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, Australia

What you get:

Kickstart is provided in PDF format, laid out in landscape orientation for easy reading on screen or on paper. We also made sure that the diagrams look good when printed on A4, letter or A3 paper.

Wonderful! I downloaded it and it has the high-quality graphics I was expecting! You guys do excellent work! Thanks very much for your excellent customer service as well!

- Mark DeVries, USA

Start learning today!

Business Analysis Kickstart is available for just $97. For the price of a dinner for two, this guide will show you business analysis from a practical, real world perspective and help you crystallise your knowledge.

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Our money back guarantee: We are confident that the guide will be useful to you, but in the unlikely case it isn’t we have a 30-day refund policy, no hassles and no questions. We take all the risk, so there’s no reason for you not to buy!

Yes it is excellent!!! I am a visual learner and your start kit will make it easier for me. - Sheela Patel, Business Analyst, USA

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